About Sylvia’s CAC

An enduring legacy of Sylvia Likens

We’re named for Sylvia Likens, who endured one of Indiana’s “most terrible crimes” in the 1960s.

A young teen from Boone County, she went to Indianapolis to live with her grandmother while her parents were out of town. This was when the abuse started.

Editor’s note

This story is unsettling and may not be suitable for very young children.

Photo of Sylvia
Sylvia Likens

FAQs about the process for caretakers

Sylvia’s CAC is a neutral non-profit organization, but we work closely with law enforcement, the Department of Child Services, and the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office. So we take the process of interviewing the child seriously.

Common questions about who sees the interview, when you can see your child, and costs (there are none) are covered here.

Waiting Room

Meet our team

Our team includes people you’ll meet and some you might not. But together we’re working in the best interest of the child in everything we do.

Learn about our local on-site team at Sylvia’s CAC.

Sylvia's CAC Team
We work closely with detectives, law enforcement, physicians, counselors, caseworkers, prosecutors, and more.

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