Volunteer with Sylvia’s CAC

Sylvia’s CAC is a secure facility and we work with incredibly sensitive matters. Our volunteer opportunities are limited to ways you can support kids and families indirectly.

Thankfully, it only takes one word, one conversation, one moment to make a difference in the life of a child, even if it’s not directly with the child.

It is through the support of people like you who volunteer, give, learn and speak out about issues of child abuse that makes Sylvia’s CAC possible.

Other ways to volunteer with Boone County kids

This year, right now, you can make a difference in the life of a child.

Become a mentor to Boone County kids

Started in 2009 with a grant from the Jay Martin Fund for Children, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Boone County, the BCMP is the umbrella organization for a youth mentoring program (Spark), a middle school program (Ignite), and the Graduation Coaching program at the high school level.

Learn more about the Boone County Mentoring Program

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