A heartfelt thanks for helping us communicate

A heartfelt thanks for helping us communicate

No matter how you say it: thank you!

An iPad on a small stand next to a chair that reads
An iPad on a small stand next to a chair that reads
The Proprio app sits discreetly between interviewer and child in our forensic interview room.

Thanks to the donations of dozens of people late last year around Giving Tuesday and into December, we’re actively expanding on-demand translation services at the CAC. We’ve purchased the equipment and licenses for the software from Propio are underway.

These on-demand interpreting and translation services are going to be a life-changing addition to Sylvia’s CAC. They’ll help us further our mission to ensure every child of every background and ability can receive high-quality forensic interviews, victim advocacy, and more.

This service is designed for more complex and sensitive communication, like you might expect to find at a hospital. It’ll ensure we can communicate with kids and parents who might not speak English yet or well enough to be able to discuss some of the critical issues we face after allegations of child abuse or neglect. All in a language that’s comfortable for them.

Thank you again to everyone who donated. 

If you didn’t contribute yet, or recently, or just want to claim a tax-deduction on your 2023 tax return, you can donate securely now. Every donation will help fund other efforts, like abuse prevention training, at the CAC.

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