Blackmailing your photos and videos is sextortion. Here’s how to respond

Blackmailing your photos and videos is sextortion. Here’s how to respond

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Blackmailing your photos and videos is sextortion. Here's how to respond 1

Someone has revealing pics and vids. What do I do?

If someone is threatening to share sexual or revealing texts, photos, or videos of you, this is blackmail and it’s sextortion.

It’s also illegal. You have rights as a victim in this situation.

Stop responding and take screenshots of the whole conversation.

Report and block the user if you’re on social media or Whatsapp.

Don’t send more pics or videos.

Don’t pay any money or make any offers.

Don’t respond to any demands or try to negotiate.

Don’t continue the conversation. Just walk away.

(Yes, it’s scary.)

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Doesn’t matter how it happened. You’re going to need some help.

You need a trusted adult. There are ways to make this stop and protect your privacy.

  • Talk to a parent or older sibling. No matter how you think they’ll react, they are 100% on your side to make this stop.
  • If you’re at school and involved with a classmate, talk to a trusted teacher. Your school can confiscate the other phone. That’ll stop this immediately and protect your privacy.
  • If you’re under 18 and the other person is over 18, you can talk to the police because they’re technically sharing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). It’s illegal!

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