Boone REMC grant to be used for deposition room and video transcription

Boone REMC grant to be used for deposition room and video transcription

Over the past year, Sylvia’s CAC has seen some of the most traumatic and extensive cases since we began operating. As we have improved and refined our services, more predators are apprehended and more cases are going to court.

Working closely with law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office, the Indiana Department of Child Services, and many other partners and agencies, we are helping to prosecute more offenders.

Earlier this year, Sylvia’s CAC proposed using additional funds to help specifically with our prosecution efforts and decreasing the additional anxiety and trauma of putting a child through a trial to convict their perpetrator.

Boone REMC has now awarded us $8,292.90 toward video transcription and the creation of a child-friend deposition room in partnership with the Boone County Prosecutors Office.

This new room, when complete later this year, will create a comfortable environment with cameras, closed-circuit TV and video technology. It’s the first-of-its-kind in Indiana for any prosecutor’s office or CAC. This space will allow children to testify against their abuser without being in front of a jury or in the same room as the person who victimized them except where deemed necessary by a judge.

In addition, we’re using some of these funds for transcription of children’s interviews at Sylvia’s CAC This is a necessary administrative function of prosecuting offenders, but as a small nonprofit, we don’t always have the dollars available to complete this need. The transcription is a largely manual process that requires word-for-word conversion of each video into a typed file. This file can then be submitted into evidence and to a jury. As a result, it’s critical this process work flawlessly.

We’re thankful for Boone County REMC’s support and intend to begin putting these funds to use as soon as they’re received.

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