Commissioners vote to approve additional funding for Boone County Child Advocacy Center

At their June 6 meeting, Boone County Commissioners voted to appropriate $21,400 from the American Rescue Plan Act to Sylvia’s CAC. A copy of the press release is below. Everyone at Sylvia’s CAC is thankful for the support of the Commissioners, Boone County residents, and everyone who makes a donation to support kids in our area.

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (June 9, 2022) — The Boone County Commissioners voted during their regular meeting on Monday to approve additional funding for the Boone County Child Advocacy Center (CAC) also known as Sylvia’s CAC. The $21,400 approved for Sylvia’s CAC is part of the millions of dollars the county recently received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

In its 10 years of existence in Boone County, the organization has conducted over 1,500 interviews and maintains accreditation from the National Children’s Alliance. 

Sylvia’s House Executive Director Kassie Frazier said the COVID-19 pandemic put the organization into a deficit and this money will help them recover by replacing lost income. 

“We had to purchase things during the pandemic that were not in our budget including a cloud based system to send interviews from our office to law enforcement agencies via the cloud,” she said. “There are 13 levels of encryption because of the work we do, and these funds help ensure that work remains secure.” 

Prosecutor Kent Eastwood said Sylvia’s partnership with law enforcement and the services they provide are invaluable in the quest to hold offenders accountable.

“Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center (CAC) ensures that the most vulnerable among us can be heard by providing a safe, comfortable and child focused environment for juvenile victims to share their story of physical or sexual abuse,” Eastwood said. 

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