Aspire Indiana

Aspire Indiana

Aspire Indiana

What is Aspire Indiana?

Aspire Indiana is a private, non-profit medical provider with offices around Boone County and central Indiana.

Aspire is a fully integrated healthcare provider with medical and behavioral healthcare physicians. Aspire also connects people to employment, housing, and other programs, such as addiction services, therapy, infection control, crisis management, rehab, and more. Note that Aspire does not provide emergency housing or job placement services.

Also, Aspire offers the following services:
  • Primary Care/Family Medicine
  • Behavioral Health (Individual & Group Therapy)
  • Addiction Therapy & Treatment
  • Residential Recovery
  • Deaf Services
  • Housing & Employment Assistance
  • HIV/Infectious Disease Support
  • Youth & Family Services
  • School-Based Services
  • Group Home & Community-Based Services
  • Crisis & Inpatient Services
  • Veterans’ Programs
  • PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

How can I get help from Aspire?

  • Lebanon location address: 1600 W. Main Street, Lebanon, IN 46052
  • Appointments: (877) 574-1254
  • Crisis Line: 1-800-560-4038

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