UPDATED: VOCA funding stayed flat, so here’s what we’re doing and hope to do with your support

UPDATED: VOCA funding stayed flat, so here’s what we’re doing and hope to do with your support

Update, July 1, 2024: We did it! Thanks to donors like you across Boone County, we’ve been able to meet our fundraising goal. We’re deeply appreciative and will have more updates for you soon. The original post is below from a few weeks ago. You can still donate to the CAC and fund our mission to ensure every child is heard and protected.

The Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant announcements were released earlier this week and despite consistent guidance from our state and federal partners that a 45% cut was expected, Sylvia’s CAC did not receive a funding cut. We learned our funding will remain flat, which is still challenging amid inflationary pressures, but a great relief to all of us.

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, and a $6,200 Community Foundation of Boone County grant, we’ve been able to raise about $16,000. Another local individual has also issued a challenge to the community to raise another $3,975 to qualify for a $6,500 matching grant they are personally funding. Altogether, we’d meet our original $20,000 fundraising goal to hire a fund development consultant for less than $4,000.

We’re immensely grateful for all of this support, and we still believe this is an opportunity to get ahead of what is surely more years of fraught VOCA-related fund challenges. And, as Boone County’s population continues to grow by double-digit percentages each year, we want to be proactive.

Growing our internal development with the help of additional staffing is our best strategy to diversify our grant and income streams, broaden our community outreach, and be ready to serve the needs of kids and families in Boone County.

Donate now to help us close the $3,975 gap and meet our $20,000 fundraising goal.

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