2-1-1 Connect2Help

2-1-1 Connect2Help

2-1-1 Connect2Help

What is 2-1-1 Connect2Help?

2-1-1 Connect2Help differs from 211. 2-1-1 Connect2Help is focused on criminal, civil, and probate courts. Operators help people understand some court processes, getting rides to court, and other court-related matters.

What can 2-1-1 Connect2Help do for me and my family?

2-1-1 Connect2Help is not a legal service or an attorney, but can help advise you on what to wear, what you should know about showing up to a court date or hearing, what a court order is or means, and ways to get help accessing a court.

How do I get help from 2-1-1 Connect2Help?

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