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Boone Co. Court Advocate Tracey Christner

Boone Co. Court Advocate Tracey Christner

What is a Court Advocate?

Similar to a Victim Advocate at Sylvia’s CAC, a Court Advocate is with you every step of the way, including in the courtroom, during any trials or pre-trial proceedings.

In Boone County, Tracey Christner is the Prosecutor’s Office Court Advocate.

What can a Court Advocate do for me?

A court advocate can do several things, including but not limited to:

  • Help you and your legal representation, if any, request special accommodations while in court
  • Help you find additional partners, programs, and services—either with or without a court order—to help you and your family
  • Serve as your liaison with updates and proceedings at the Prosecutor’s Office and in court
  • Show you how various programs, services, judicial proceedings, and other matters work

Note: A Court Advocate is not the same as the more commonly known “CASA” or Court Appointed Special Advocate.

How do I get a Court Advocate?

  • In Boone County, call Tracey Christener at 765-482-6860

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